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July 19, 2018

I admire leaders who exhibit integrity day in and day out. I am fortunate to work with a leader who embodies this character trait. Dr. Veronica Martin, our Chief Nursing Officer, puts safety and quality first and always does what is best for our patients. From the minute she walked in the doors of The Woman’s Hospital of Texas earlier this year, her charismatic personality took over and our nurses connected with her. They understand she is committed to excellence and they want to work with her to ensure they provide superior care. She earned their trust by fulfilling her promises and taking ownership of opportunities as they presented themselves. She frequently recognizes her staff for their accomplishments and is willing to work side-by-side with her staff. I admire how quickly she has connected with our staff leading to a 3.3% nurse vacancy rate, which is world class.

I admire leaders that have vision and are forward thinking.  They are open, honest, hardworking, collaborative and intelligent.  I think most importantly, they inspire people.""Vicki Hollub, Oxy CEO, has all of these traits and more.  She is a leader that communicates her vision to the entire organization. She fosters collaboration, innovation, takingownership and working as a team.  She has taken decisions to invest in her people even during difficult times (the last downturn) to help make Oxy a stronger company.  Many other companies did lay-offs during the downturn, whereas Vicki, kept to her vision, believed in her people and inspired us to do more. This has allowed Oxy to be a top performer in recent times.


I personally admire a leader that is authentic and collaborative. I find it inspiring to watch leaders who understand the importance of leadership through “influence” and not necessarily leadership through a title or position. Leaders that are truly authentic and can communicate with employees throughout all levels of the organization will be more successful. I try to remember this every day as I lead teams within the hospital.
A leader that personally inspired me was my late father, Dr. Emile Edward Riley, Jr.
He was a general surgeon in New Orleans, Louisiana and he held various leadership positions throughout his medical career. He was a leader that everyone respected, because he respected everyone that crossed his path. He was authentic and made a point to encourage the people around him.


Three crucial qualities are at the core of a good leader:  integrity, fairness, and focus.  Those who possess integrity have a dependable correlation between what they say and what they do.  A supervisor’s integrity is the employee’s insurance against malicious gossip and hidden agendas.  Fairness implies that a leader will take the time and trouble to hear all sides of a dispute and listen without a preconceived judgement.  Then, he’ll wisely consider all options and all reasonable side-effects before any decision.  Implicit is the assumption that a good leader will make decisions rather than side-stepping.  Focus in a leader ensures that he will focus on work while at work, and not allow himself or those he supervises to waste time and valuable energy on personal drama or in-house politics.  The more focused the leader, the more stable and productive the employees.
My choice of an effective leader I admire is Lt. Darrel R. Butler, who has been a supervisor of mine for almost ten years at Precinct Four Constable’s Office.  With ten years in the U.S. Navy and almost twenty years of law enforcement experience (both federal and county), Lt. Butler is a logical thinker whether stress levels are intense or non-existent.  Foremost in his decision-making are the mission statement of his employer and the safety of his men and women.  His communication style is direct but not harsh, clear but not demeaning.  Since Lt. Butler is characterized by consistency of purpose and respect for his fellow employees, those he supervises never spend time worrying about his likes or dislikes, or his moods.  Instead, they focus on job performance, as does Lt. Butler.  He is a true leader who encourages all to do a competent, thorough, and professional job—as he does.


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